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May 2, 2012

The Other ‘Lost Boys’: Muslim Men and Bacha Bazi

Pat Condell is almost as famous for his diatribes against Christians as he is for his diatribes against jihadis and other enemies of the civilized west, but while he saves most of his anti-Christian vitriol for the over-the-top hypocritical and dishonest among us (think Ted Haggard et al), he is not so delicate with Muslims, as the following will illustrate.

Here are two videos which, taken together, connect a number of disturbing dots, and will forever change your impression of Muslim men in the Middle East.

The first clip is Condell, responding to emails from viewers in Saudi Arabia asking him why he’s so critical of their country.

The second clip is a Frontline documentary that aired in April 2010 called “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.” It’s an unblinking look at a Middle Eastern custom called “bacha bazi” - loosely translated as “boy play” - in which young boys are bought and sold as sex slaves for the pleasure of older men. The documentary is the product of an undercover investigation in Afghanistan, but the practice is widespread among Muslim men from Pakistan to Egypt.

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Somewhere in this mess is the coherence of TEC’s simultaneous embrace of Islam (at least against orthodox Christianity) and LGBT&c.

[1] Posted by Timothy Fountain on 5-3-2012 at 09:59 AM · [top]

The radical separation of the sexes and the sequestration of women in strict Islamic societies has consequences.  The whole culture and the relationships between men and women, and among men, are severely deformed by the practice.  We knew a man, a devout Muslim, who got a job in Saudi Arabia and left Egypt for the better pay offered.  Within six months he was back, saying he could not in good conscience bring his family to live with him in the Saudi state.  This from a Muslim who prayed five times daily and fasted in Ramadan.

[2] Posted by Katherine on 5-5-2012 at 07:45 AM · [top]

[3] Posted by Jill Woodliff on 5-6-2012 at 02:48 PM · [top]

An article by David “Spengler” Goldman drives this issue home (and provides some idea for the origins of same):

[4] Posted by vulcanhammer on 5-7-2012 at 08:31 AM · [top]

Misogyny is written into the core texts of Islam…along with racial hatred, religious intolerance and coercion, inequality, injustice, cruelty and violence.  Bestiality is also accommodated.  There is no reforming Islam - it should be renounced, abandoned and banned from civilized society.

[5] Posted by St. Nikao on 5-7-2012 at 11:56 AM · [top]

Are we absolutely sure those marines didn’t accidentally stumble into GC2009, #4?

[6] Posted by Jeffersonian on 5-7-2012 at 12:35 PM · [top]

Thanks for the link, vulcanhammer.  I note with sad amusement that Frank Griswold’s much-admired Sufi Rumi often wrote of infatuation with young boys.

[7] Posted by Katherine on 5-8-2012 at 03:52 PM · [top]

Jeffersonian: No.

Katherine: I thought about Griswold when I read the article too.  Puts a whole new light on him, doesn’t it?

[8] Posted by vulcanhammer on 5-8-2012 at 07:34 PM · [top]

All of a sudden the 9/11 murderers make sense.  Their free-floating rage and zeal to destroy.  Letting some old man say, “Go blow yourselves up for me.”

I almost feel sorry for them - maybe can summon up some for the ghastly childhoods they must have endured.  But they died unrepentant murderers, so I can’t spring ‘em from their choice of hell.

[9] Posted by Timothy Fountain on 5-11-2012 at 07:20 AM · [top]

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