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July 1, 2012

Sunday Worship - July 1, 2012

Sunday Worship

photo courtesy R. Scott Purdy

Sunday, July 1, 2012


The bells of St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide, South Australia - BBC Radio 4

Choral Evensong from Sheffield Cathedral - BBC Radio 3

Choral services from the chapel of St John’s College, Cambridge and New College, Oxford

Holy Communion at the Pearusa Celebration - Archbishop Rwaje preaches - Anglican TV


All Souls, Langham Place and their 3,500 sermon searchable archive

St James the Less, Pimlico

Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham Alabama

Interview: Arcbishop Benjamin Kwashi - TSM video

Five talks on Ephesians - John Stott from CMS Summer School in the Blue Mountains 1976 - CMS

Bishop Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop designate of Uganda talking about mission in Uganda last year - Trinity School for Ministry


Hell: What Happens Next? with Dr Peter Carrell

Let’s get rid of Heaven, Hell is what we need! - Practical Ethics, University of Oxford

What Joy in Hell? - Phillip Jensen

Hell and Bell - Bishop Tom Wright


Topical Prayers - Church of England [including prayers for various countries]

Prayer for the persecuted church - Church of England

Prayers for the Middle East and Northern Africa - Lent and Beyond:

News for Prayer

Please pray for Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Pastor Nadarkhani in Iran, and the US devastation from fires and storms and for the Nine US ECUSA bishops subject to proceedings from the Presiding Bishop’s Office

Egypt: Report from Bishop Mouneer Anis

Morsi appoints woman and Christian as vice presidents - Christian Today

Prayer for Egypt - Lent & Beyond

Concern for Christians in Syria and Egypt - Christian Today

Sudan: Sudanese Authorities Demolish Two Church Buildings - Open Doors

Iran: Iranian ayatollah promises Russian Church to solicit pardon for convicted pastor - Interfax

US: Eastern US storms kill 13, cut power to millions - AP

9 Bishops charged - latest links on TitusOneNine and Stand Firm


Sunday Program - current affairs with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4

Food for thought

Be still and know - Church of England News

Imagine better health! - Church of England News

Praying for Peace and Justice - Archbishop of York

VAT announcement safeguards at-risk church projects - Christian Today

Evangelising the UK: Help wanted - Evangelical Alliance

Christian Marriage - Dr Kendall Harmon - upcoming resolutions in the ECUSA General Convention this week. Documents referred to can be found here.

Reith Lectures - The Rule of Law and its Enemies - Prof Niall Ferguson

Lecture 1: The Human Hive

Lecture 2: The Darwinian Economy

All Glory - Nikki Fletcher - Kingsway Music

Journey through New Zealand - Philip Bloom - [click HD if slow loading]

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