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July 5, 2012

Muslims, Gays Assault Christians; Media Silent

Three videos to get your blood going this morning:

The first one I ran across last week, and as soon as I saw the stocky bald guy I realized, “Hey - I’ve met that guy before!”

Sure enough, it’s Ruben Israel, who I met in 2009 in Anaheim at the last Episcopal Church General Convention. He was standing outside of the convention center holding one of his giant signs, and intercepted me as I was walking in, asking me how I could possibly support a church that openly preached sin. I sort of chuckled, and explained who I was and what I was doing to fight the good fight. 20 minutes later, after some great discussion, it was all back-slaps and handshakes, and I was off to the belly of the beast, while Ruben was back to rebuking the more… “unconventional conventioneers,” and all was right with the world.

So it seems that Ruben and his compatriots showed up to preach the Gospel at the Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan a couple of weeks ago, and this was the reception they got.

Note the abhorrent behavior of the Dearborn police, in particular Deputy Chief Dennis Richardson at 12:52, and Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar at 14:17. One kind of cowardice, two ways of expressing it.

Strong language warning for all of these videos.

The last two videos are from Toronto, where Christians showed up to witness to a gay “pride” parade. As we occasionally remind folks around here - this gay thing? It’s not about tolerance.



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How dare they jeopardize public safety by carrying signs, unlike those peace-loving folks that just want to throw bottles, rocks and milk crates at them.

The message is clear:  If you want deference, you must have a credible threat of mass violence.  Do the authorities realize what message they are sending?

[1] Posted by Jeffersonian on 7-5-2012 at 10:26 AM · [top]

The jackboot drops. I’ve heard about the actions of Toronto police, acting as the muscle for the gay activists, but seeing it is shocking. As for Dearbornistan…nothing surprising there.

[2] Posted by David Fischler on 7-5-2012 at 10:37 AM · [top]

Anyone who thinks that juveniles were not deliberately put at front to be the ones confronting and assaulting the Christians is very naive.  That way if the police did happen to do their jobs any charges brought against the offenders would be minimal and most likely dismissed because of the age of the perpetrators.

I would love to know if they would dare use language like that at home.

[3] Posted by Paula Loughlin on 7-5-2012 at 11:21 AM · [top]

Of course, the poor guy who made this video badly misunderstands Canada’s “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.  The Charter has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom.  It has everything to do with giving a small elite the power to force social change on society, all the while maintaining the fiction to a gullible populace that “rights and freedoms” are being respected.  There is only freedom in Canada if you advocate what the governing elite wants you to advocate.  For everyone else, there is only police, government and activist harassment.

[4] Posted by jamesw on 7-5-2012 at 11:24 AM · [top]

One of the more disturbing aspects of this video is seeing how Western society is being set up to repeat the horrific mistakes of the past.  Note how the shouting, swearing loud-mouth woman in the second video declares that she “loves everyone”, but when asked if she loves the speaker, she says “no” and then demeans and dehumanizes him.  And none of the crowd seems to find anything wrong with this.

Note also how all of this nonsense is taking place under the watchful eye of Canada’s “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” which is supposed to (at least this is what the gullible public is supposed to think) protect minorities from discrimination.

Note how nobody here, including the police, seem to have any concern that the minority is being shouted into silence by the majority and told that they are not human (i.e. “I love everybody” but “not you” because you are a <dehumanizing profanity>).  In other words, under the watchful eye of a document which supposedly protects minorities from discrimination, a hated minority is being dehumanized and discriminated against.  And NOBODY seems to have a problem with it.

Guess what folks?  A document which purportedly protects minorities, but which only protects minorities which the elite favors but doesn’t protect minorities which the elite disfavors ISN’T WORTH A THING!!!  The Jews in Germany weren’t a popular minority - they were hated at the time.  If Germany had Canada’s “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” and the same sort of elite in the 1930s, the Holocaust would have still happened.

This makes Canada’s “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” far more insidious than having no such purported protections at all.  And it exposes the tremendous danger we in the US face when we allow such judicial nonsense as “living constitutions” that change in meaning according to whatever the liberal elite wants them to mean at any given time.

[5] Posted by jamesw on 7-5-2012 at 11:36 AM · [top]

So, is this anything like the American DOJ not sentencing the Black Panthers during the last election for election tampering because they were minorities?

Good thing this can’t happen in the US, huh.

Michigan is unfortunately a preview of what is to come…

[6] Posted by B. Hunter on 7-5-2012 at 12:20 PM · [top]

That first Toronto clip is instructive.  The lass in the pink shirt berating the Christian lad is outraged that someone professing Christianity at a Pride parade, the assumption being that homosexual practice and Christianity are incompatible.  I wonder what the VGR supporters in TEo think of that.

And #5, you are absolutely correct.

[7] Posted by Jeffersonian on 7-5-2012 at 03:34 PM · [top]

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