March 26, 2017

July 9, 2012

GC updates: Balance on Holy Land, Madness on Marriage

All resolutions are posted here, with link to pdf of their text.

The National and International Concerns Committee is recommending adoption of Resolutions B019 and C060, which deal with the quest for peace in Israel and Palestine.

Both resolutions refrain from the anti-Israel ideological position of “divestment,” which would call on the church to end investment or contracts with companies that do business in Israel.  It is the primary demand of anti-Israel activists.

The resolutions advocate some worthy approaches, including constructive investment to build up healthy Palestinian infrastructure and communities, emphasis on solutions worked out by people actually living in the region, and support for peace talks.

The resolutions include the approach taken by the Presbyterian General Assembly a few days ago, calling on the church to avoid business with a small number of companies operating in the controversial Jewish settlements that displace Palestinians.

In a strange twist for a convention so big on uniformity and “reconciliation,” C060 includes an angry minority dissent appendage, claiming that the divestment/anti-Israel position should have been given more prominence.

Meanwhile, the House of Bishops approved Liturgy Resolution A049, allowing the use of “trial liturgies for same sex relationships.”  That is to say, the defenders of church faith, worship and discipline jettisoned the Christian view of marriage expressed in the Bible and ministered in our Book of Common Prayer.  “Same sex marriage” is a go in The Episcopal Church, no matter what it is called.  On Twitter, there are already gleeful comments about how the ritual of A049 is “better than the marriage service in the Prayer Book.”

One wonders if there was a strong dissenting opinion appended to A049 in the same way that was done for the divestment zealots in C060.  One doubts it.  Striving to occupy its remaining, tiny niche as an endorser of media hyped agendas, the church runs scared of the LGBTQi lobby and its religious mythology.

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And boom goes the dynamite.  The thing is, does anyone really care anymore?  Even the mainstream press seems bored with TEo’s march to the dustpan of history.  It’s all become far to predictable and inevitable within TEo’s increasingly small constituency.

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