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July 19, 2012

The Rev. Phil Ashey Responds to the “Generous Orthodoxy” of the Episcopal Church

This week, the Rev. Winnie Varghese, an Episcopal priest, wrote about the “generous orthodoxy” of the Episcopal Church. In today’s Anglican PerspectiveCanon Ashey crituques Rev. Varghese’s article and specifically takes issue with the author’s source of “revelation.” Key Scripture: 2 Tim. 3:16

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Well said! Rev. Ashley. If the comments from George Conger+ at Anglican Unscripted and those of +Mark Lawrence are any indication, this ole church of ours may be seeing the beginning of the process of returning to a true and orthodox Christianity.

[1] Posted by SC blu cat lady on 7-19-2012 at 07:45 AM · [top]

The best that can be said is that the revisionists are appropriating the language of orthodoxy in service to shrieking heresy.

[2] Posted by Jeffersonian on 7-19-2012 at 03:32 PM · [top]

“They, like Esau, have given away their birthright for cultural pottage. (Genesis 25:29–34)”

I love that sentence!

[3] Posted by robroy on 7-19-2012 at 11:48 PM · [top]

I would add that +Mark Lawrence and others are going to find out that there is orthodoxy in the TEO.

[4] Posted by robroy on 7-19-2012 at 11:50 PM · [top]

Where might that be?

[5] Posted by cennydd13 on 7-20-2012 at 12:17 AM · [top]

I think I understand what you mean- that whatever revisionists believe in will become the new *orthodoxy* of TEC. Yes, probably will happen. However, no matter what happens to TECUSA whether it returns to its original faith or not, it will not deter some of us from believing in the faith of Christ crucified. I would rather these revisionist go ahead and start their own *whatever* (as I hate to call it a religion much less Christianity).

After listening to Anglican Unscripted and reading what BishopLawrence wrote to the diocese,  I am more hopeful about TEC than I was before this General convention. TEc may still continue down the road to apostasy. If so, then that is the choice and there will be consequences for that choice.

[6] Posted by SC blu cat lady on 7-20-2012 at 06:17 AM · [top]

SC blue cat lady,

As much as I treasure optimism such as yours, do remember that in TEC, while there is 1 +Mark Lawrence in 1 diocese, there are 111 bishops in about 75 dioceses who are moving in an entirely different direction.  Here is how the bishop of NY interprets A049 and its “provisional blessing.”

[7] Posted by tjmcmahon on 7-20-2012 at 06:27 AM · [top]

In light of Canon Phil Ashey’s critique of Winnie Varghese’s article on the Glorious Episcopal Church, it is worth revisiting Greg’s excellent piece on Varghese’s Social-Justice Salvation. No orthodoxy here either - generous or otherwise.

[8] Posted by Maria Lytle on 7-20-2012 at 06:39 AM · [top]

It is a very,very,very small hope and I am not gleefully optimistic at all about TEC changing direction. I am fully aware of the direction TEC is headed- have been for quite awhile.It has been very painful to watch over the couple of decades that I have been aware of this trend (I was in my teens when I first realized what was happening beginning in 1977).  So i will take any indication of a possible change in one person’s thought process as a sign of hope no matter how small. If you have not watched Anglican Unscripted episode 45, do so. You will understand where my small hope comes from- Be sure to watch George Conger+ explained what happened when he went to a seminary dinner. Not expecting change but still hoping for it.

I did see that announcement from diocese of NY. I found it on Robert Munday’s + blog To All The World via Pewsters blog. Shamefully announcing to the world we don’t give a flip what TEC C &C say about marriage and what the Prayer Book says as long as the state of NY says gay marriage is legal that is all the rationale we need.  What I wonder is why wait until Sept. 1, 2012?  They are even ignoring the date that these “provisional rites” are supposed to go in effect (Dec.1, 2012).  The closest saturday to the date of the letter is tomorrow July 21st. Why not go ahead and start using these rites starting tomorrow? That would be honest. Why make a new date?

Bishop Sisk’s announcement is the best reason I have read so far for dissolving the relationship between dioceses that is TEC. I think now all are agreed that there really is no authority above that of bishop.  Granted, the left will still want the authority of GC to be upheld so they continue to destroy conservative bishops and their dioceses but if it suits their purpose for the authority of GC to not be followed (i.e. why allow these rites before the date stated in the resolution), they will continue to ignore whatever does not fit their schedule.

[9] Posted by SC blu cat lady on 7-20-2012 at 07:52 AM · [top]

Sorry. SC blu cat lady is correct. I meant there is an “orthodoxy” in the TEO not just Christian orthodoxy. The star chamber armed with the new Title IV regs will not tolerate any dissent.

[10] Posted by robroy on 7-20-2012 at 08:26 AM · [top]

Right, Robroy, those in charge of TEC will not tolerate dissent. However, that is no reason for those who dissent to stop voicing their views and concerns. I applaud those deputies and bishops who had stated plainly that they do not agree with the “liberal” TEC leaders and bishops!

PS no apology needed, I understood what you meant just wanted to make sure I was correct grin

[11] Posted by SC blu cat lady on 7-20-2012 at 10:14 AM · [top]

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