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April 13, 2013

Sunday Worship - April 14. 2013

Sunday Worship

Sunday, April 14, 2013


The bells of St.Mary the Virgin, Hanbury, Worcestershire - BBC Radio 4

Sunday Worship from Chester Cathedral - BBC Radio 4

Archived Choral Services from the Chapels of St John’s College, Cambridge and New College, Oxford and Trinity College, Cambridge

Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2

Coming up - The Funeral of Baroness Thatcher from St Paul’s Cathedral - BBC Radio 4 [available from 10 am London Time on Wednesday 17th April]


Mission Challenges - Bishops from Aweil Sudan, Tabora Tanzania, Marsabit Kenya and Butare Rwanda speak in Charleston, South Carolina - Anglican TV Video

Easter Sunday Resurrection - Archie Coates - St Peter’s Brighton Audio

The Risen Jesus - Bishop Grant LeMarquand - Trinity School for Ministry [Acts 9]

All Souls, Langham Place and their 3,600 sermon searchable archive

St James the Less, Pimlico

Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham Alabama


General Prayer Resources - Topical Prayers - Church of England

Prayer for the persecuted church - Church of England

A Prayer for the People of Egypt - Church of England

Prayer for Egypt - Lent and Beyond

South Carolina Collection - Lent and Beyond

News for Prayer

Please pray for the persecuted church and in particular for Egypt, Sri Lanka and for the Diocese of South Carolina which has had the support of Anglican Bishops from Africa but where the Presiding Bishop’s nominee has purported to try to move Court proceedings to Federal Court and notwithstanding the State Court injunction he agreed to is purporting to be about to removed the ordained ministry of the diocese’s clergy.

Egypt: Bishop Mouneer Anis on the Egyptian Crisis - Anglican Ink

Siege on Cathedral highlights escalating sectarian violence - CSW [do watch the video]

Copts arrested following attack on cathedral - Christian Today

Sri Lanka: Rise in violent attacks against Muslims and Christians - CSW

Anglican Bishops Express Strong Support for Bishop Lawrence and Diocese of South Carolina - Dio SC

South Carolina Episcopal dispute may play out in two courts - The State

Loyalty oath demanded in South Carolina - Anglican Ink

More news as it arises


Sunday Program - current affairs with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4

Food for Thought

Good Friday and the Crucifixion of Shame - Mark Meynell

A Kenyan Pastor Reflects on America Mission Practice - Kouyanet

John Piper on Regrets and Retirement - Gospel Coalition

Press Release from 10 Downing Street on Thatcher memorial - Anglican Ink

An Interview with N.T. Wright - Ecclesia Ethics Vimeo

Interview with Canon Andrew White - 100 Huntley St


Does it really matter if the world knows Jesus? - CMS 214 Anniversary Vimeo [click HD if slow loading]

Let It Be Known - Tim Hughes and Al Gordon - Worship Central Video at HTB [from the album topping the UK Christian and Gospel chart]

Timelapse Earth - Bruce Berry Vimeo [click HD if slow loading]

J S Bach: Ricercare à 6 - Trinity College Cambridge Metzler Organ Video

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