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May 23, 2013

Cranmer on Slaughter of British Soldier on Streets of London

The Muslim Council of Britain rushed out a swift statement, washing its hands of the murder, repudiating utterly any link with Islam: “A barbaric act that has no basis in Islam and we condemn this unreservedly,” they said.

The problem, of course, is that it manifestly does have a link with Islam. It may have nothing to do with the MCB understanding of the religion in modern Britain, and doubtless they sincerely believe that ‘No cause justifies this murder’ and that the ‘Vast majority of British Muslims acknowledge armed forces for the work they do world’. But to say it has no basis in Islam is to deny Islamic history, ignore the brutality of the warrior Mohammed, and brush off those inconvenient jihadi-Islamic movements in the modern era who seek to emulate their prophet’s example.

The MCB is also rather selective with its condemnations and justifications. Have they repudiated Palestinian terrorism? Or does that particular cause justify the slaughter of the Fogel family? Have they said anything unequivocal to condemn the Taliban? Have they condemned their co-religionists who rally in the streets of London demanding the overthrow of the Government and Monarchy and the establishment of a Caliphate?

The truth is that those who hacked away at a British soldier yesterday are acting in accordance with a theologically determined logic which can certainly be situated within a sharia view of Islamic culture and understood on the basis of Islamic religious precepts. The killer calmly and rationally quoted Islamic sacred texts: ‘We must fight them as they fight us’ echoes the Qur’an:

Be sure to read everything His Grace has to say on the subject.

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There is absolutely no doubt of the intent to intimidate, assassinate, and slaughter those who Islam says are “infidels,” meaning Christians, Jews, Hindus, or those of any others whose religious beliefs do not match those of Muslims.  It has been true since Day One of the founding of Islam, and any attempt by the MCB to prove otherwise is an outright lie…...and they damned well know it.

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