March 24, 2017

June 26, 2013

Why Some Products Fail

From Coyote Blog, where there is more:

Apparently, after working to make sure that toilets, shower heads, and washing machines no longer work as well as they used to, government regulators have ruined the gas can.  I still (thankfully) use my old plastic can that is about 20 years old, but apparently two changes have been mandated

• There is a self-closing mechanism at the end of the spout that work fine in modern cars designed for this technology but don’t work at all in lawnmowers and boats.  By my own observation, most gas cans are used to fill machinery other than cars.
• There is no vent.  Yes, there is no way to let air smoothly into the can as gas is poured out, meaning for gas to pour at all air must come in through the spout.  This results in slow and erratic flow rates.

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I hate those non-vented “cans”. I suspect more fuel vaporizes during those tedious transfers to your boat, lawn-mower, whatever than was ever the case from spills due to rapid outflow from the vented cans. I miss my old metal can.

In any case, they have created a new market for ingenious spouts sold as separate aftermarket gas can accessories. I just took one back to the store for a refund after a first time fail. I guess I burned two gallons of gas going to the store and back four times.

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