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July 2, 2013

James Wall, Editor for Anti-Semitic Publication (UPDATED)

James M. Wall is the former editor-in-chief of The Christian Century, one of the most widely respected publications of liberal Christianity. He is still listed as “senior contributing editor,” though he doesn’t seem to have contributed anything since August of 2008. Since stepping down from leadership of the Century, Wall has been business pursuing his obsession with the evilness of Israel. It used to be, as I wrote about at The Reformed Pastor in 2010, that Wall was content to quote from, and have his stuff published at, Internet loony bins such as Veterans Today, My Catbird Seat, and Salem News, a interlocking collection of sites all of which are cesspools of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and 9/11 Trutherism (with Mossad as the culprit, of course). Now, it appears, he’s decided to go all in, as Viola Larson exposes at Naming His Grace:

Much of the material placed on Veterans is as anti-Semitic as the original material on the Veterans Today Site. What is different is that Wall has now been welcomed as an associate editor and one of the writers.

Here’s the list of editors and writers at VN:

Debbie Menon, Editor-in-Chief [runs My Catbird Seat]
Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Contributing Editor
Michael Leon, Founder and Editor-at-large
Charles G. Fawkes Veterans Issues Editor
Denise Nichols, Staff Writer Veterans Issues
James M. Wall,  Associate Editor
Stuart Littlewood,UK Correspondent
Dr. Kam Zarrabi,US-Iran Issues Editor

Managing Editors
Charles G. Fawkes
Debbie Menon

Frequently Featured Writers
Alison Weir
Alan Hart
Anthony Lawson
Charles Fawkes
Debbie Menon
Dr. Alan Sabrosky
Finian Cunningham
Jack Speer-Williams
James M. Wall
Justin Raimondo
Kam Zarrabi
Michael Leon
Phillip Giraldi
Paul R Pillar
Paul Craig Roberts
Prof. William A.Cook
Ray McGovern
Rick Rogers
Stephen Lendman
Stephen Sniegoski
Stuart Littlewood

If you ever climb into the Dumpster that contains the anti-Semitic left or right, you’ll recognize some of those names. To give you a flavor of the kinds of people that James Wall now calls his buddies, here are a few excerpts from an item that stands second on the VN list of “hottest” (presumably most read) articles this week. It’s called “Earth’s alpha predator: Zionist Mafia” (subtle, huh?):

Is it possible for the American public to think their way out of Zionist enslavement . . . or is Gaza a preview of our future?

There certainly is genius behind creation of the terms, “conspiracy theory,” and, “anti-Semitism.” Mere concepts, these two seem among the highest human inventions in terms of neutralizing independent thought. Both terms are amazingly popular and effective; a function, perhaps, of both being technically meaningless—a reliable Zionist mind-control touch, confusion. ...

Before 9/11 birthed the “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) to aim American blood and treasure at Israel’s enemies, 189 of Earth’s 196 recognized “sovereign” nations had a Rothschild-controlled central bank. Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, Iraq, and North Korea were those last seven nations resisting Rothschild enslavement.

Now, only Cuba, North Korea, and Iran remain free. Notice how high Iran and North Korea are on our list of enemies? ...

How’s this for a textbook Zionist mind-control twist? Our “best friend” that has given us more ever-accelerating grief and extracted from us more blood and treasure than all of our “enemies” combined has as a number-one enemy called Iran. Zionists are willing to spill every last drop of American blood, divert every American social expenditure to fund war crimes, and exhaust American treasure not already plundered by the GWOT, TARP, the Fed—all those classic symptoms of runaway RUM infection . . . building up to their ultimate usury coup de grâce, WWIII. ...

You get the idea. This is the kind of stuff that James Wall to which has inextricably linked himself, and with him the mainline denominational organizations and those they support that use him as a source for information and opinion.

Dexter Van Zile of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America has more.

UPDATE: Christian Century’s editor doesn’t see a problem with this:

In a statement to CAMERA, David Heim, executive editor at The Christian Century, defended Wall’s association with his magazine.

“James Wall did a lot for our magazine,” Heim said. “He deserves to be on our masthead.”

Heim added that he appreciates the different perspectives Wall brings to understanding the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“Different perspectives,” huh? Does that mean that David Duke will be getting a column at CC, Mr. Heim? How about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Really, the possibilities are endless.

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Looks like Mr. Wall is way, way off his meds.

[1] Posted by Milton on 7-3-2013 at 02:04 PM · [top]

Gracious.  Thanks for reading that so I don’t have to.  Cuba, North Korea, and Iran are “free”?  In an alternative universe, perhaps.  The only thing I can think about agreeing with is that the term “anti-Semitism” neutralizes what it really is.  It’s demented Jew-hating.

[2] Posted by Katherine on 7-3-2013 at 07:11 PM · [top]

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