March 24, 2017

October 31, 2016

Assisted Suicide

Reading the news these days is very much like watching a B- movie in an old theater with flickering lights, dirty floors and brazen mice.  DC is set to vote on legalizing euthanasia assisted suicide.  David Fischler’s recent article on what is happening in California should be a siren’s call to anyone still breathing.  There are no safeguards in this legislation, only dark shadows where no one can see.

There is absolutely no reporting or scrutiny of possible abuses. The State of Washington does a statistical report, based entirely on what the prescribing physician says happened; no one can question that account. Original records are destroyed; physicians are legally required to falsify the death certificate, reporting a death from “natural causes.” Despite these obstacles, even the whitewashed state reports show disturbing trends.

Such legislation is pushed by “progressives” who consider themselves “enlightened.” 

Finally, the six-month “terminal” diagnosis is guesswork. Last year 16 percent of the people who died after obtaining the drugs lived longer (up to almost two years, having received the drugs in previous years); most of the others, of course, died from the drugs before the six months were up, so no one knows how long they would have lived. The six-month prediction could be false in most cases. Such prognoses are notoriously unreliable at the best of times; with assisted suicide, doctors literally bury their mistakes. This is happening in a state that is overwhelmingly white, educated, and middle-class. I think of how this agenda would combine with the terrible financial inequities in the District, with its largely African-American cadre of urban poor, and I shudder.

Progressives progressively punishing the most vulnerable among us.

Lord have mercy.  Christ have mercy.


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What is happening across America today would have been unthinkable until very recently. This stuff is progressing at a remarkable rate. It’s truly frightening. I think that Satan is clearly at work, and is receiving plenty of cooperation.

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