March 24, 2017

January 2, 2017

How You Helped Assyrian Christians in 2016

On New Year’s Eve, I was sent an email from the Iraqi Christian Relief Council regarding its work in 2016. Since I know some Stand Firm readers have contributed to these efforts, I thought you’d like to know what the Lord has done through you and so many others this year:

I would like to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a blessed New Year.

2016 has been a very busy year for our ministry.

Although we are joyful that most of the Assyrian towns in the Nineveh Plain have been liberated, our hearts break as we continue to witness the suffering of Christians living away from their homes.

Today, I would like to bring to you a brief report and highlight some of our accomplishments.

ICRC delivered more aid to the world’s most vulnerable Assyrian Christians than any prior year. All due to compassionate individuals and families, like you.

Some of ICRC accomplishments in 2016:

  •On October 17, when the liberation of Mosul started, we began preparing immediately for our Operation Return To Nineveh campaign. Since the launch of our campaign on November 15, as part of the ongoing fundraising efforts to rebuild communities and churches in the Nineveh Plain post-ISIS, we have raised $136,687.
  •In just 3 days, we met our $18,000 goal for the Be Their Warmth campaign to provide safe heating for 120 displaced Christian families in Al Amal camp in Ankawa this winter.
  •ICRC added the country of Turkey to its list of places where we serve, and successfully raised $55,006 for the Feed 1000 Families campaign to make sure Christian refugee families have access to food this winter.
  •We sent 8 tons of nutritious food - totaling 375,760 servings - from Morningside Church to Amman, Jordan for distribution to 2,440 Christian refugee families.
  •Through our Cancer Free Refugees campaign we provided financial support to displaced Christian cancer patients.
  •We were able to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of 200 Christian refugees in Jordan as part of a summer carnival celebration. We were present during this event.
  •Our ministry paid the full cost of surgery and travel from Iraq to Jordan for baby Sherbel and his parents. The 3-month-old Shebel was suffering from a devastating heart condition.
  •We were blessed to witness in person a miracle as baby Sherbel’s heart healed itself during second planned operation in Israel, in which ICRC provided travel expenses for the baby’s mother. Sherbel celebrated his 1st birthday in Iraq in October.
  •The founder traveled extensively across the Middle East, where for the first time, she visited her Assyrian homeland, met families in several displaced person camps, and walked through Teleskof, a town now adopted by ICRC and partners for rebuilding post-ISIS. In addition, we visited Assyrian Christians refugees in Turkey and Jordan.
  •We advocated tirelessly for the creation of the Nineveh Plain Province in Washington, DC.
  •We were blessed to be able to expand our advocacy and fundraising efforts in Israel.
  •This winter, the Lord helped us save a Christian family of 6 from homelessness in the Chicagoland area.
  •Juliana Taimoorazy’s memoir, Daughter of Nineveh is nearing its completion. This book focuses on Christian persecution in the Middle East.

On many occasions we received thanks and praises. While we are grateful for these heartwarming and encouraging words, I give praise to God first and to you, our ICRC family.

We would never be able accomplish any of what we do without your prayers, love, and support.

May 2017 be happy, healthy, and prosperous for all of us.

Operation Return to Nineveh is ongoing, as is Be Their Warmth. You can get more information at those links, and find out how to help. Thank you again for caring, and acting.

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