March 24, 2017

January 5, 2017

Spitting Into the Wind

Last week the US voted to abstain on a UN vote that traditionally would have been blocked in favor our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel.  Not so much now.

The United Nations Security Council voted Friday to condemn Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank as the United States abstained and allowed the resolution to pass.

This breaks America’s longstanding tradition of serving as Israel’s most loyal western ally.  And despite pressure from President-elect Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Obama administration allowed the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution that condemned Israeli settlement construction.

Secretary of State Kerry spent a lot of time defending the vote and specifically criticizing Israel and its leadership even going so far as to say they can be democratic or Jewish but can’t be both. 

“The vote in the United Nations was about preserving the two-state solution,” he added. “That’s what we were standing up for.”

Kerry acknowledged ending settlement activity would not guarantee a peace deal but said that Israel’s current trajectory is leading toward a dangerous future.

Today, a spokesman for the Palestinian group put paid to any idea that they will accept a two state solution.  One has to wonder why the current Administration has failed to admit what the radical groups opposed to Israel have made perfectly clear for years - the only acceptable solution to them is the death of Israel.

Ashrawi stated that Kerry gave Israel “a great prize” because he referred to “a Jewish state” - something the Palestinians “have refused and still refuse” to accept. In addition, Ashrawi interpreted Kerry’s speech as denying the Palestinian “refugees” the “right of return.” The two things are interconnected. The PA knows that were significant numbers of refugees to enter Israel they would turn it into a binational state, which is why the PA refuses to accept Israel as a Jewish state.

Pray for peace.  Pray for Israel.  Pray for those who would be honest brokers of that peace.

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There is no talk of a “right of return” for the equal numbers of Jews who were forced out of Arab countries around the Middle East and North Africa at the same time Arabs fled or were forced out of Israel, in 1948.  There is no “right of return” for the Hindus who were forced out of the now-Pakistani portion of Punjab, nor for the German-speakers forced out of Eastern Europe after WWII.  The “refugees” still in the West Bank should be resettled as citizens of Jordan, which was the Palestinian state established at the same time as Israel, or as citizens of Israel, if their portion of the area becomes part of that state.  The UN should stop paying for the refugee camps and instead support permanent resettlement.

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