March 24, 2017

February 26, 2017

Movie Review Provides Food for Thought

This review from The Federalist gives substantial food for thought.

I am not one to point to the contemporary American church and cry “Persecution!” I’ve known a few men and women who have been tortured and driven from their homelands for their faith in Jesus, and knowing a few is enough to know not to use the term lightly. But note the four ingredients for apostasy. It is not persecution that convinces the Jesuits to renounce the faith. It is comfort. In this way, it becomes clear that Japan is a stand-in for modern secular America. As Brenda Salter McNeil says, the American church has been cursed with comfort.

We are extremely well-fed. We get new clothes rather than mend old ones. We are served a constant mental diet that teaches living out our faith, and teaching basic tenets of our faith, is offensive, oppressive even. Not convinced? Try asking your secular friends what they think about the teaching that one should remain celibate before and outside of marriage.

The culture also constantly hints that if we could just keep our faith to ourselves, held tightly like a little wooden cross, silent even into our graves, we too can be legitimate contributors in society, politics, and academia. Think of the good works we could accomplish! Is it any wonder that our Christian leaders are reduced to explaining the faith in terms of mere human flourishing?

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