March 24, 2017

March 1, 2017

Spain Appoints Sex Czar

Surprisingly, the czar is not being appointed to increase the knowledge base on the latest sexual craze or even to hand out condoms.  Nope.  For some unknown reason, the population is declining.

The Spanish government has created a new post in an attempt to boost pregnancy rates and halt the country’s declining population.

The role of the so-called “sex czar” is to be taken up by Edelmira Barreria Diz, a demographics expert and senator in the Galician parliament.

According to official statistics, Spain recorded a lower number of births than deaths last year, the first time this has happened since 1941.

Ms Barreria Diz, who has been appointed as head of the commission for demographics by Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has been asked to help reverse a trend which appears to have taken root in the southern European country: the birth rate in Spain has shrunk by 18% since 2008.

Taking a great big stab in the dark here, they might want to do something to stop the killing of the most innocent of their populace.

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Germans, French, Italians and Spanish aren’t making enough babies to replace themselves, much less to offset the growth of their new Muslim minorities—minorities for now, anyhow.

[1] Posted by Katherine on 3-1-2017 at 03:19 PM · [top]

The situation is pretty much the same in the U.S.  The reason we don’t recognize it is the influx of (mostly illegal) immigrants which keeps the working age population up and disguises the problem.

The U.S. has also aborted its future, a problem also compounded by a range of laws and policies which discourage marriage and stable families.  America’s dismal economy the last 8 years also has not helped, as younger people no longer feel they can financially afford to have children.

[2] Posted by Jim the Puritan on 3-1-2017 at 04:36 PM · [top]

They can’t afford to have kids; they gotta pay their cell phone bills.

[3] Posted by Undergroundpewster on 3-1-2017 at 04:49 PM · [top]

Good one, Pewster.

[4] Posted by Jackie on 3-2-2017 at 10:50 AM · [top]

They could take in a few thousand Muslim “refugees.” Would that help?

[5] Posted by The Little Myrmidon on 3-2-2017 at 07:43 PM · [top]

czex czar checks

[6] Posted by dwstroudmd+ on 3-3-2017 at 12:31 AM · [top]

Off topic:  Now that Titus19 has switched to WordPress I can’t do anything.  Can’t log it to change my account.  And trying to reset my password does nothing.  I hope they don’t improve this site because it works fine.

[7] Posted by Br. Michael on 3-3-2017 at 10:42 AM · [top]

Br. Michael:  Click log in.  Enter your user ID, and then click on lost my password.  It will send you a new one which you can use to log in.  Then change it back to whatever password you want.  Tell it to use your nickname, then click update profile.

[8] Posted by Katherine on 3-4-2017 at 08:17 AM · [top]

I had tried that and it didn’t work, then today it did.  Thank you.

[9] Posted by Br. Michael on 3-4-2017 at 01:27 PM · [top]

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