March 24, 2017

March 22, 2012

South Dakota’s Junior Senator, Representative and Governor write op-ed vs. TEC-endorsed Health Plan

South Dakota Senator John Thune, Representative Kristi Noem and Governor Dennis Daugaard (all Republicans) coauthored an editorial, Health care law’s flaws obvious,  in the March 22nd Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

“In South Dakota, the cost of this Medicaid expansion is nearly $100 million from 2014 through 2019, and will cost tens of millions more beyond 2019. This obligation forced upon the state leaves fewer dollars for K-12 education, law enforcement, and other existing state programs. Even worse, the health law also prohibits the state from making changes to the program in an effort to increase efficiency.”

The three take a position diametrically opposed to The Episcopal Church’s endorsement of the Obama health plan.  TEC and groups it endorses seek to give “church” cover to abortion funding and government intrusion on freedom of religion.

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Nick Gillespie and Meredith Bragg have a succinct piece over at Reason Magazine why Obamacare needs to be jettisoned post-haste.  Their three bullet points:

1. It Represents the End of Limited Government. The Supreme Court will issue its verdict later this spring of course, but there’s no question that if the government can force you to do something simply because you exist and draw breath,  then the American experiment in limited government is over and done with. Whether it’s the mandating of eating broccoli or buying insurance, a government that can make you do whatever it wants just ain’t in the American grain.

2. Its Price Tag is Already Ballooning. The latest government estimate of cost tells us what we already knew. Health-care reform is going to cost us a lot more than the arm and the leg it’s supposed to save us. The Congressional Budget Office is now saying that the first full decade of Obamacare is going to cost about $1.8 trillion , or double the original estimate used to sell the program.

3. Obamacare Won’t Make Us Healthier. Health insurance isn’t the same thing as health. Most of us might end up paying more for health care under the new law, but there’s precious little evidence that coverage itself leads to lower medical costs. A 1993 study by the RAND Corporation found that “for the average person, there were no substantial benefits from free care .” Not smoking, eating moderately, and not boozing it up provide greater health benefits than any low-deductible, low-co-pay insurance plan.

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