March 24, 2017

February 14, 2017

Solipsism Defined

Via Katherine Timpf at National Review Online comes word that transgender ideology has not only jumped the shark, it has destroyed it using a bunker buster bomb. Ms. Timpf–who seemingly lives in the cultural dumpster of the left so that the rest of us don’t have to–has unearthed an article that essentially redefines human existence in entirely solispistic terms, all in the interest of social justice warrior obsessions. It’s from someone named Jenny Crofton, who describes herself as “a queer, trans Armenian street photographer and artist in the Bay Area who also writes prose and poetry,” and it appears at both something called The Body Is Not an Apology, and cross-posted at Everyday Feminism magazine:

There is an infinite diversity of genders in the world.

Each person has a totally unique interpretation and relationship with any gender they inhabit, and there are at least as many genders as there have been humans who have lived.

I say “at least” because as it turns out, people can embody more than one gender in their lifetime. We can even embody more than one gender at once. We can experience them as full and independent, or as partial and mixed.

Genders can overlap and negate one another, they can be positive or negative, fixed or in flux, and they can coalesce in any number of combinations.

At this point, I think it’s fair to say that the word “gender” is completely, utterly meaningless. It is simply a sound, not unlike the “Ack!” and “Thppt!” occasionally uttered by Bill the Cat of Bloom County fame.

Crofton then goes on to answer a number of questions about this non-existent phenomenon:

1. Is Being Multigender Different From Being Transgender?

No, it isn’t. People who are multigender (or polygender), fall under the umbrella of trans.

Being multigender doesn’t necessarily mean that you will make any physical transition. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you disidentify with your assigned gender.

Multigender people can identify with – and even present as – their assigned gender, but because they also identify with one or more other genders, they are still included as transgender.

Thanks for clearing that up. In case you’re wondering where this is going, it seems to be an effort to define everyone as transgender.

4. Can Multigender Identities Include Neutral, Negative, or Partial Genders?

Yes. With the exception of genders that are appropriated from marginalized groups (see below), multigenders can include any type of gender imaginable.

This extends to identities such as agender or neutrois, which refer to having no gender; demigender, which refers to having partial gender; and antigender, which is the opposites of another gender (like antigirl).

“Any type of gender imaginable.” The detachment from reality grows stronger, but this is a telling statement. The entire concept of gender no longer lies within the realm of observable reality. It exists entirely inside the skull of each individual, which of course is the very definition of solipsism. It also explains why people who think this way get so outraged when their delusions are questioned. For them, this entire issue is wrapped up in personal identity, and so questioning the ideology means questioning the validity of the person.

5. Is There a Limit to the Number of Genders a Person Can Have?

No. Embracing multigenderism means refusing to limit the ways we can understand ourselves.

A person can have as many genders as they can conceive of, with culturally appropriative identities being the only exceptions (see point #8).

Gender as putty nose: as many as you want, when you want them, any way you want them (cue Journey tape). This sounds very much like a species of schizophrenia to me. It also sounds like an open invitation to pretty much anyone to engage in a variety of socially unacceptable behaviors (bathroom voyeurism, for instance), and have a handy excuse ready.

6. What Pronouns Should I Use for Multigender People?

The answer to this is the same as for everyone: Ask, and then use whatever pronouns you’re told to use.

And, specifically, use all of them.

Nope, sorry, won’t do it. And you can’t make me!

I refuse to do this for three very specific reasons: 1) I actually speak, write, and understand English, and refuse to mutilate it for the sake of passing political fancy. 2) I refuse to put a linguistic stamp of approval on mental illness. Similarly, if a person insisted she was a deer and wanted me to call her Bambi, I would refuse to do that as well. 3) I will not give an inch to Orwellian thought control. The current campus craze for pronoun enforcement is nothing but a bid to restrict the parameters of possible thought.

7. Are Multigender Identities Static or Fluid?

They can be both. Some multigenders involve multiple gender identities that each do not change. Other multigenders involve moving through single genders one at a time.

Genderfluid is sometimes used this way, though it can also mean moving through different multigenders. A person can go from having multiple genders to a single gender and back again. It’s whatever you feel at the time.

And in at least one respect, that’s the ballgame, thanks for playing. You will remember when North Carolina passed a law requiring people use the public restroom that corresponded to their biological sex. They did this because of several high profile cases where a man dressed as a woman went into a women’s restroom and took pictures of stall occupants. It was explained that the legislators wanted to prevent people who had not had sex-change operations from using restrooms of the opposite gender, because it was entirely too easy for men to use this sham to justify being in the wrong bathroom. When this was explained, the SJWs hit the roof. “Real TGs don’t do that sort of thing! Real TGs don’t decide on the spur of the moment that they are another gender in order to satisfy their perverse desires! How dare you suggest such a thing!

Well, Crofton is no redneck fundamentalist, so when she says that “it’s whatever you feel at the time,” I’ll take her at her word. The difference, of course, is that she says this like it’s a good thing. I’m sure there are lots of voyeuristic men out there who will thank her for contributing to their psycho-sexual happiness.

8. Is Having Multiple Genders Appropriative?

That depends on the specific multigender identity in question. Many genders are culturally specific, including some multigenders.

A prominent example of a culturally specific multigender is the Two-Spirit genders of some North American Indigenous groups. Because it’s impossible to access these genders without being part of a specific cultural context, it’s inappropriate for outsiders to claim any Two-Spirit gender.

Multigender identities can encompass many gender identities at once. If any one of the genders included is culturally appropriated, then the overarching identity also becomes problematic.

Crofton is obviously nothing if not a thorough SJW, so she has to be sure to check all the appropriate PC boxes. So, it is possible for someone to be multigendered, even infinitely gendered, but if you attempt to claim a gender that belongs to another culture, you’ve stepped on a PC third rail, and so must turn in your TG card. (When and how particular genders were granted in exclusive perpetuity to certain cultures is something that I’m sure no one knows except the holders of the super-secret SJW decoder ring.)

You know what the really funny thing is? When a biological man says he is actually a woman, he’s appropriating not just a cultural identity, but a sexual one. Apparently for the SJWs, cultural identity is sacred, but sexual identity is fair game for everyone. Another way to put this is that Rachel Dolezal, the Washington state SJW who claimed to be black when she is in fact white, should have claimed to be a man instead. That would have been perfectly acceptable, even to the NAACP.

Pangender people, in a literal sense, identify as all genders. The problem is that “all genders” includes culturally specific genders that must not be appropriated.

Many pangender folks are sensitive to this, however, and identify only as “all available genders.” Some have even moved away from the term toward the word maxigender (maxi- as in “maximum”).

At this point, I’ve got to ask if maybe this is meant to be satire. “Pangender”? What does “identify as all genders” even mean? Does that include the ones that don’t exist, but which you can imagine? (See under question 4 above.) And given that gender is all in the mind, what exactly is it that’s supposed to prevent someone from “culturally appropriating” a gender? Good manners? So incoherent, so nonsensical is this that I really do wonder if Crofton is just putting us on.

Always look into an identity before claiming it as your own.

And for heaven’s sake, before you go to a party, check and see what gender everyone else is wearing. It can be so embarrassing when two or more people who up in the same gender!

9. Are Multigender People Oppressed?

Yes. Being multigender is fundamentally contrary to our society’s hierarchical and exclusivist gender binary.

This means that at the very least, multigender people are oppressed socially and psychologically. Our identities are made invisible; they are trivialized, othered, and dismissed.

We suffer stigmatization, microaggressions, and various forms of body terrorism. The legitimacy of our self-understanding is called into question every day.

“Body terrorism.” Apparently there are no dictionaries in San Francisco that can inform Crofton about the meaning of the word “terrorism.” I know some people in Israel, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, France, Spain, Britain, Indonesia, Pakistan, and lower Manhattan and northern Virginia who would be happy to clue her in.

So are multigender people oppressed? Yes–in the same way that schizophrenics are oppressed by being told to ignore the voices in their heads. In the same way that bipolar people are given medication to demagnify their ups and downs. In the same ways that depressed people are treated to bring them out of despair.

What Crofton is talking about is mental illness, pure and simple. The people that she’s talking about are “stigmatized,” not because they don’t conform to societal mores, but because they don’t conform to reality. A man who claims to be a flying squirrel is going to have an unfortunate collision with gravity the first time he tries to fly from one tree branch to another. A man who is convinced he is a coral reef is going to experience severe oxygen deprivation the first time he tries to escape to his “natural” habitat. And a man who is convinced he is “pangender” is going to get laughed out of the doctor’s office when he goes in for a pap smear.

Crofton concludes with a helpful list of multigenders (feel free to print these out and put them on your refrigerator, just so you can be sure to keep them straight–pardon the pun):

10. What Are Some Other Multigender Identities?

I have been unable to find a comprehensive list of every multigender – although there are some lengthy lists out there – but here are just a few more examples of the multigender identities that have been described in our culture:

•Amorgender – gender that changes in response to a romantic partner’s
•Mirrorgender – gender that changes to reflect those around you
•Ambigender – two genders experienced simultaneously as equal and unchanging
•Chaosgender – gender that is highly unpredictable
•Genderf**k – a subversive gender that can be singular or multi
•Demifluid – having multiple genders where some are fluid, while others are static
•Collgender – not pangender, but having too many genders to describe
•Endogender – having multiple genders that all relate to a specific gender construct, e.g. mascfluid
•Cyclogender – gender that changes with hormonal cycles
•Fissgender – having highly disparate genders, as in “fissured”
•Domgender – having multiple genders where one is dominant over the rest
•Gendervex – having multiple genders, each of which is unidentifiable

Well of course you haven’t been able to find a “comprehensive” list, you twit. You’ve defined the subject in such a way as to make such a list impossible.

Next time some SJW tells you that you should take transgender ideology seriously, laugh in their face, and then show them this article. Then ask them whether anything real exists outside their own mind, and watch as their heads explode.

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“Everyday Feminism” magazine posted this gibberish?  Gosh, I remember when feminism was about women.  Remember women?  We used to be identified as humans with XX chromosomes.  Now, according to this nonsense, we don’t exist except in our imaginations.  My husband is going to be really surprised, and so will my children.

[1] Posted by Katherine on 2-14-2017 at 08:37 PM · [top]

There are a lot of words I could string together to express my real feelings about this but I have it on good authority the FCC would smack the proprietor herein who has advised the poop doth runneth downhill.

[2] Posted by Jackie on 2-14-2017 at 09:23 PM · [top]

I’m gonna term this one the priapism of the id.  raspberry

[3] Posted by Daniel on 2-14-2017 at 09:41 PM · [top]

Absolute nuts.  Looney tunes.  Crackpots.  IN! SANE!  I could go on but you get the idea.

[4] Posted by Nikolaus on 2-14-2017 at 11:01 PM · [top]

This is all just pure insanity…

Seems like a lot of effort in order to destroy the concept of Christian Marriage, no?

Satan is a busy guy these days…

[5] Posted by B. Hunter on 2-15-2017 at 01:34 PM · [top]

Re #5

I don’t think it’s about Christian marriage any more. It may be about all marriage, which people of the LGBTQIIXYZ persuasion hate with a purple passion, but I think as much as anything it’s about a demand for affirmation, much like the schizophrenic who demands that others acknowledge and approve the messages that the latter receives from the voices in their heads.

[6] Posted by David Fischler on 2-15-2017 at 03:22 PM · [top]

I guess those profs in the “gender studies” department have to do something to assert that theirs is a valid field of inquiry.

It just goes to show that when one navel-gazes too much, one winds ups twirling a kaleidoscope and seeing an infinite variety in oneself, and comes away with less than nothing.

[7] Posted by AnglicanXn on 2-17-2017 at 11:02 AM · [top]

#5 I met my first Integrity folks in Minneapolis in 1976. My first impression was that they were seeking approval and affirmation. I still believe this to be true.  It is like saying that abortion is OK because the Supreme Court says that it is.

[8] Posted by Pb on 2-20-2017 at 09:55 AM · [top]

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