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What Does it Mean to Live Faithfully to Christ in our Time?

7-5-2015 · A recent sermon by The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon helps us bring recent events into focus. 

The Bill of Hashtag

7-5-2015 · It isn’t just Christians getting beat up in the culture. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continued her “I’m one of the small folk, too” tour in New Hampshire on Independence day. …

God Bless America

7-4-2015 · Not so long ago, on not so distant shores, Hollywood proudly proclaimed America a great county and asked for God’s blessings on her.  We can only pray that those who would see her destroyed are…

Happy Independence Day

7-4-2015 · Happy July 4. 


7-3-2015 · A “church” that preaches and blesses blasphemy cannot be a church. Nor can any Christian be a member of it. The religious organization that styles itself “The Episcopal ‘Church’” now

Good News for July 4: Oregon Repeals First Amendment (UPDATED)

7-3-2015 · It’s not enough that Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein have been fined $135,000 for the “emotional distress” they inflicted on a pair of wilting lesbian flowers. The state, in the person…

The All Evil Oreo

7-2-2015 · Isn’t it strange that the progressives don’t care if our young kill their unborn, have sex with any number of individuals or allow filth to pour forth from their mouths but what they eat -…

Then and Now

7-2-2015 · Old and busted: By history and tradition the definition and regulation of marriage has been treated as being within the authority and realm of the separate States….The significance of state responsibilities for the definition and…

Multiple Partner Marriages Coming to a Courthouse Near You?

7-1-2015 · That didn’t take long.  “We’ll have to deny that, let me go grab the other supervisor real quick so I can get confirmation but as far as I’m aware you…

Poetic Justice for the Bishop of Los Angeles

7-1-2015 · Bishop J. Jon Bruno of Los Angeles, he of the forkèd tongue, has finally met with a degree of poetic justice worthy of his nefarious aims. I have previously reported in these pages

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