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#14: WAP: White Aging Pastors Talk Whores and Hip-Hop

Matt, Jady, and Nick discuss Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit new single, the virtue of purity in light of the Gospel, and the role of sex in a world which refuses to hear the word of God.

Totalitarian Moments III: Elections and Dark Jokes

The jokes practically write themselves when it comes to totalitarians disrespecting and rigging elections. But maybe it’s not so funny.

#13: Ladders to Heaven and a Chute to Hell: The Will and Sanctification

Jady and Nick discuss the role a Christian plays in his or her spiritual growth. They decide that there is Good News for sinners wondering about their Christian development.

Totalitarian Moments II: Speedy Descent into Genocide

One of the disconcerting aspects of totalitarian regimes is how speedy their descent into evil can be.

#12: Easy Like Sunday Morning? Disembodied Worship and Virtual Church

Matt, Jady, and Nick discuss the source of Christians’ desire to gather together. God commands it in the Bible, and it edifies the body, shaping it into Christ’s image in ways that online worship cannot.


At Such A Time As This

At Such A Time As This

The best way to be someone now is to have suffered deeply and tragically in any number of ways. Not suffering or being too materially comfortable is almost a liability.

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#1: The Stand Firm Podcast

#1: The Stand Firm Podcast

Jady Koch, Nick Lannon, and Matt Kennedy discuss the leftward theological and ideological drift on the part of a number of highly platformed ACNA clergy, how this drift affects the proclamation of the Gospel, and what type of Church it could produce.

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