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With the death of Her Late Majesty and with the 21st anniversary of 9-11 upon us, we would do well to remember one of her gracious acts towards us Americans, as rebellious as we are.

Something odd happened at the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace just after 9-11. The band played the National Anthem . . . the United States National Anthem.

It was unprecedented and unexpected.

And it was ordered by The Queen.

Quite a number of Americans stranded by the no-fly restrictions were among the public watching. And quite a few shed touched tears along with many others that day.

Queen Elizabeth II was known for sticking to Royal custom and convention. But that day she broke convention to mourn and show solidarity with Americans far better than mere words could.

But she did mourn with us with words as well that resonated then and resonate now in this time of loss:

Grief is the price we pay for love.

That was The Queen she was. That was the woman of love she was.

We here at Stand Firm give thanks to God for the love and life of Queen Elizabeth II and join with our British friends in mourning her passing, as she and they mourned with us after 9-11.

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