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Last summer in this series, I noted the history of totalitarians disregarding elections they lost and then rigging elections as soon as possible once they consolidated power so that they would not lose again.

Now you might already be wondering if I am going to go there and call out Democrats as totalitarians after their conduct around and after the 2016 and 2020 elections. I am not, but said conduct has too much in common with how totalitarians deal with elections. And now Democrats are doubling down on attempting to rig elections with the aim of making us a de facto one-party state. Their main vehicle is H. R. 1, a bill the House of Representatives has already passed that would federalize elections and enable election fraud as never before. That number is no coincidence but is intentional. To House Democrats, rigging elections is Priority 1. (And I can say even harsher things about so-called Republicans who enable or even participate in the rigging of our elections, but I do not yet know of any who support H. R. 1.)

The Federalist has called this bill insane. I respectfully disagree. It is a calculated attempt, along with open borders and statehood for the District of Columbia, to turn us into a one-party state at the federal level. If, God forbid, the Senate passes it and courts allow it, it could fatally rig our elections even without importing a favorable electorate and creating faux states.

That may sound alarmist, but let’s look at some of the bill’s provisions.

Gutting Voter ID Laws

It would render state Voter ID laws meaningless by requiring states to allow voters to substitute a statement affirming the voter is who he says he is and is eligible to vote. Isn’t that what fraudulent voters in effect do anyway when they vote?

By the way, I just love the statements decrying Voter ID as racist from big corporation CEOs . . . who often require ID to use their services.

Register All The Things!

Well, it doesn’t quite do that, but close. The bill requires that those using government services such as vehicle registration, driver’s licenses and welfare automatically be registered. Of course, that means non-citizens and others not eligible to vote would also be registered. But since these tend to vote Democrat, that’s not a bug; that’s a feature.

Oh, and if a foreign non-citizen illegally registers to vote, courts are restricted from enforcing any penalties for that.

And that’s not all. The bill requires that same-day registration be allowed. In other words, if Fred Fraud shows up on Election Day unregistered, you have to register him on the spot and let him vote.

This former election judge can tell you that verifying that Mr. Fraud is or is not eligible in the midst of an Election Day is just about impossible. Not to mention that is one more thing election judges would have to do, making running an election that much slower and lines that much longer. It is really rich that those pushing same-day registration also decry long election lines.

And once on the voter registration rolls, it would become more difficult to clean up said rolls under H.R. 1. Must keep those who have moved to another state or to the afterlife on the rolls so they can keep “voting,” don’t ya know.

Those under 18 would also be enabled to vote by requiring they be allowed to register. Surely none of them would take advantage of this to vote legally before they turn 18:

H.R. 1 “would also require states to allow 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds to register; when combined with a ban on voter ID and restrictions on the ability to challenge the eligibility of a voter, this would effectively ensure that underage individuals could vote with impunity,” says the Heritage analysis.

MOAR Mail-in Fraud, I mean, Voting

I told anyone who would listen before last year’s election that all the mail-in voting was asking for massive fraud. I knew that from personal experience. (I once assisted with verifying absentee ballots, which are less prone to fraud than the sorts of mail-in voting practiced last year, and I discovered many of them were impossible to verify. We did not want to disenfranchise anyone, so when in doubt we let the votes through. And there were many doubtful ballots, but we disallowed very few if any.) And anyone telling you there wasn’t massive mail-in fraud last year is either naïve or gaslighting. (Whether it was enough to swing the election is another question.)

Well, guess what H. R. 1 has? MOAR mail-in voting! And results must be delayed at least ten days. That’s so enough correct votes can be “found,” of course:

Rather than reject the 2020 electoral chaos caused by bureaucrats suspending state election laws to further unreliable mail-in voting and suspend legal deadlines for mailed ballots, H.R. 1 would mandate this electoral chaos forever.

The bill mandates universal mail-in balloting and requires states to wait ten days after election day for any outstanding tranches of ballots to be suddenly discovered in Democrat-run strongholds — oops, I mean, allow all ballots to arrive. The Heritage report notes that “no-fault absentee ballots are the tool of choice for vote thieves.”

There’s more to H. R. 1, much more. But the above provisions are enough to ensure our elections will be rigged for the Democrat Party for years to come should the bill pass the Senate and be upheld in court.

Now perhaps some would be okay with that and even hope for that. Such need to read more history and maybe examine themselves while they are at it. As for those who do not want a rigged one-party state, you best speak up now . . . while you still can.

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