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One of the annoying aspects of totalitarianism is quiet non-support or neutrality is often not an option. In America one has – or at least used to have – the freedom to opt out of politics, to not vote or in any way participate in political activism. I do not advise that, but a truly free society more or less gives that option.

Good luck with that under the thumb of totalitarians. As the old Soviet Union joke goes, “You may not be interested in the Party, but the Party is interested in you!” In Nazi Germany, one could not wave hello without being obligated to show support of Hitler. By the end of 1934, not giving that straight arm salute we see in those old news reels could get one in trouble.

Eh, but that’s those silly Nazis. That could never happen in America, right? Right?

Well, one might want to be careful where to dine – if you want to dine in peace without giving a salute of allegiance to totalitarians that is.  

Oh, did you really think you could dine in public without giving allegiance to the revolutionary vanguard?  Silly you! Wokeness has invaded the NBA, MLB, NHL, the NFL, the SBC; did you really think the woke totalitarian impulse to politicize all the things would not invade your favorite dining establishment?  I could give any number of examples to reeducate you, but one is particularly well documented so I will confine myself to it.

In a scene that played out several times Monday [of last week], a Black Lives Matter protest that began in Columbia Heights confronted White diners outside D.C. restaurants, chanting “White silence is violence!” and demanding White diners show their solidarity.

Note that common saying of the woke crowd, “White silence is violence.” If you are white, staying out of racialized advocacy is not acceptable and is even “violence.”  Quietly being kind and equitable in one’s daily life is not enough for the woke mob.  

Now the correct way to show solidarity, that night at least – woke types and other totalitarians regularly change their demands – is to raise one’s hand in a fist, straight armed, of course.  But one brave woman, Lauren B. Victor was not in the mood to play and would not give the salute of solidarity.  For that her faith was questioned – “Are you a Christian?”

Hmm, that sounds familiar.

Interviewed shortly thereafter, Victor let on that she actually supported Black Lives Matter and had “been marching with them for weeks and weeks and weeks.”  Perhaps she found out that totalitarians only accept total submission.

Now here the reader may think me unfair and racist and fascist for calling out that BLM mob as totalitarian.  And I acknowledge that not everyone in that mob is totalitarian.  Some are just stupid and predatory.  And Ms. Victor was not beaten, at least not that night.  Many are not so lucky.  

But a founder of Black Lives Matter has openly said that she and fellow organizers “are trained Marxists.”  And if a group marches like totalitarians, speaks like totalitarians, coerces like totalitarians . . . 

To put it another way, you might be a totalitarian if … you march through the streets and require people to give your special salute

Yes, that last link is satire . . . barely. Anyway, even if I am mistaken in calling totalitarians totalitarians, I will steal and mangle a phrase from BLM and say, “This is what totalitarianism looks like.”

By the way, if you think this sort of thing is only a problem in Washington, D. C. and in nutty blue states, I present to you a quiet evening of civilized dining in Dallas, Texas earlier this pleasant summer. (Language warning for the videos at the link, but you probably guessed that already.)

“This is Cultural Marxism to a ‘T’.”


Bon appetit!

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