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In 2004, Hugo Chavez, El Presidente (And God knows how many other titles. Communists just love titles.) of Venezuela was not pleased with the Supreme Court of Venezuela.  For it had the temerity not to rubber stamp all his actions and decrees.  

Well Hugo wanted a rubber stamp, not a pesky independent court, and he got it. He and his party passed a law enabling him to increase the number of Supreme Court justices. He appointed sycophants to the new court seats, of course. And the Supreme Court of Venezuela, which once had the courage and power to curb some of the power grabbing excesses of his regime now became his packed and rigged rubber stamp.

Why does this sound familiar?

Anyway, this could never happen in the United States. Never.

Yes, President Franklin Roosevelt once proposed packing the U. S. Supreme Court after he was displeased that it struck down some of his New Deal laws. But the backlash from both Republicans and Democrats became so strong, he backed off.

The lesson was learned, and no administration has sought to increase the number of Supreme Court justices ever since.

So we need not worry that any party, President, or major party candidate for President would ever do anything so tyrannical as to increase the number of justices and pack the Supreme Court in order to turn it into a rubber stamp . . .



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