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Events this past Saturday in Washington D. C. speak volumes about where we are as a country. First, thousands gathered in the capital to support President Trump and to protest the fraudulent election. (That the election was fraudulent has become so obvious I will not argue it here at this time at least.)

The protest and march was peaceful – not “mostly peaceful” but really peaceful. Trust that we would have heard about it from the “news” media if it was not. And that itself says a lot about Trump supporters. There have been any number of provocations the past four years. Now there is a fraudulent and possibly stolen presidential election. Yet with few exceptions (one of which I will get to), they remain peaceful. As a whole, they have proven to be much better people than their slanderers, including some woke church people, would have you believe.

But the aftermath of the march was not so peaceful. For Antifa and other predatory Leftists descended on those departing from the march. You may not want to see some of the attacks on Trump supporters if you have blood pressure or anger issues. The attacks included one on a family with young children and a black man having his MAGA merchandise stand being vandalized.

In a mix of defending themselves and others and retaliation, the Proud Boys then gave the violent Leftists some beatings of their own. They were surely well deserved but that does not justify these and other activities of the Proud Boys.

So what do we have here? I certainly do not presume Saturday, the election and post-election events mean totalitarianism; hence the question mark in this post’s title. But all this has too much in common with totalitarian and other tyrannical regimes and of dysfunctional countries on the road to the same. Let us count just four of the ways:

1. Massive election fraud. And, please, do not make a fool of yourself by denying the fraud or by saying that concern about election fraud is racist or something. The only questions are how massive and systematic the fraud was and whether it swung the election. It has been oft said that this election is Third World country stuff. But that is insulting to many Third World countries.

2. People protesting election fraud are violently attacked. Now Saturday’s attacks by Leftists were certainly not on the scale of, say, Venezuela or Iran of recent years, but we are catching up!

3. Street fights between political extremists not unlike the German Weimar Republic.

4. Shameless sloganeering from the “winners.” Yes, most politicians of all stripes can be quite shameless in their rhetoric. But to disrespect clean presidential results in 2016, to pull a perpetual coup for four years, to smear and even physically attack political opponents, to muzzle their free speech, then to commit massive election fraud to steal the next presidential election, and THEN call for “UNITY”?

Really? I will spare readers my response to that as this is a Christian site.

But that’s what totalitarians do. They vilify you, attack you, take away your rights if not your life, nullify your votes in their rigged elections, and then insist on “unity” – 100% behind them, of course.

Again, I do not presume to know if we are falling into totalitarianism although we are certainly flirting with it. But this past Saturday and this whole cursed year demonstrates that, whoever ends up living in the White House after January 20th, this country is not in a good place.

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