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I probably have more to say about Seasons of Wonder because I didn’t even get to the good part, but there are two funny things on the internet this week that I can’t just let go by me without comment. What I particularly like is that they both came across my feed at the same moment.

The first is a person who thinks that no one before the 1800s believed that the stuff in the Bible was “true:”

The second is John Kerry’s amazement and delight in the contemplation of his own specialness:

In the first clip, I love the up-talk, the cheerful and sarcastic tone by means of which the “expert” compresses two thousand years of theological and doctrinal Bible reading into something so trite and–what is the word for 2023? Oh that’s right!–fatuous that she ought to receive a medal. But, before one can even reach out to give over the award, John Kerry, teary with delight, snatches the prize and puts it around his own neck. Can you imagine! What a savior he is. He is, as it were, outside of this world, come to save it.

What an oversell was the “Enlightenment.” It was a good run for sure, and far be it from me to complain about indoor plumbing and the nice computer I’m tapping on at this very moment–but it shouldn’t be controversial to say that human reason isn’t all we need to dig ourselves out of the various messes we go on creating. Though we are able to look into the heavens and into the depths of the sea, yet, strangely enough, we cannot see God nor even the inclinations of the human heart. The exile of God from his own creation doesn’t make a happier better world. No, in the end, he cannot even be known in his own book.

Sorry to be so short! I have to go do other things. Have a nice day.

Photo by S. on Unsplash

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