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For all too many people today, reality simply doesn’t cut it. That being the unfortunate case, they are forced to create their own. The bad news is that they are requiring the rest of us to treat their delusions as real.

According to the Willamette Week, an Oregon man is demanding the right to compete in women’s beauty pageants:

Last January, Anita Green signed up to compete in a Miss Oregon beauty pageant.

Green, 29, is a trailblazer on the pageant circuit. When she competed in her first pageant, the 2017 Miss Montana USA contest, she was only the third openly transgender contestant in the history of the Miss Universe program.

“This is about giving minorities a voice,” Green says. “I believe I’m beautiful, and I want to set an example for all women—cisgender and transgender—that beauty doesn’t have to fit into specific molds.”

Anita Green, a biological male who identifies as a woman, filed a lawsuit against the United States of America Pageants this week after being denied entry into the all-female Miss Oregon pageant.

Of course he is. Because when reality won’t accommodate your delusions, reality must change. He thinks he’s female, he’s taken hormones, he dresses the part, so naturally that makes him a woman, DNA be damned.

Green told the Willamette Week:

“I felt as though the organization was saying I am not a woman and I’m not woman enough.”

He’s not a woman. It’s not that he’s not “woman enough,” it’s that he’s not a woman at all. No amount of cosmetic surgery, genital mutilation, or makeup can make him female.

He also said,

This is about justice and it’s about righting a wrong. No matter what anyone thinks about pageants, trans women  should have the choice to compete just like anyone else.”

No, they shouldn’t. It’s not about choice, it’s about reality. No matter what the voices in his head tell him, he’s not female. The choice he’s demanding–leave aside the imposition on the real women who wish to compete–is the choice to create his own reality. No one gets to do that. He can no more be female than he can be Winnie the Pooh or Tom Brady.

It also argues that although the pageant requires entrants to be “natural,” it does not exclude women who have undergone plastic surgery.

“Rather,” the lawsuit reads, “it is intended only to exclude, and is enforced only against, a specific class of individuals—transgender females.”

A woman who has plastic surgery is still a woman. A man who has plastic surgery to change his appearance is still a man. DNA hasn’t changed, chromosomes haven’t changed, nothing has changed except appearance. What Green is really saying is that, rather than beauty being only skin deep, sex is only skin deep. As long as you change the outside, the inside doesn’t matter, despite the fact that there are a significant number of ways in which women are anatomically different.

According to United States of America Pageants’ rules, which are listed on its website, entrants—in addition to being single and never having “posed nude in film or print media”—are required to be “natural born female.”

“This policy” the lawsuit reads, “intentionally designed to exclude the specific class to which the plaintiff [Green] belongs—transgender females—is discriminatory because it denied the plaintiff the full and equal advantages and privileges of the defendant’s [United States of America Pageants] services in violation of Oregon’s public accommodation law.”

Having waved the magic wand of DISCRIMINATION!!!, Green believes he has now established all the legitimacy his claim requires. Here’s the thing, though: he’s right. It is discrimination. That’s because reality discriminates.

Reality dictates that men cannot get pregnant, that women cannot inseminate, that infants cannot feed themselves or solve linear equations, that polar bears cannot fly B-52 bombers, that clams cannot tap dance. This is all terribly discriminatory, but complaining about it or arguing to the contrary using linguistic slights of hand (“trans men can get pregnant” is just another way of saying, “women who look like men can get pregnant”) is pointless. It doesn’t change reality.

To say that the pageant is being “discriminatory” by not allowing Green to compete is just another way of saying that the pageant’s organizers are connected to reality. They believe that a beauty pageant for women should only include women. If Daniel Craig or Adam Driver were to head up to Oregon and demand entry into the pageant, no one would deny that the organizers would be within their rights to say, “sorry, no men allowed.” Anita Green, regardless of her delusions or her medical treatments, is a man, and no amount of foot-stomping and lawsuit-filing is going to change that particular reality.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, that’s him in the picture above, third from the left.

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