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On May 6, Matt posted on Facebook:

A good number of new generation of Anglican clergy are recovering from very rigid fundamentalist pasts where their heads were packed with lots of scripture but their hearts were left cold. Where their pastors/parents wedded the GOP to the Christian faith without much distinction between the two. The ACNA is perceived as a place where they might convalesce. These clergy often nurse a reactionary distaste for the sexuality debate – associating it with the ‘culture wars’ of their fundamentalist past – and make a point to publicly identify as often as possible with the political left as a kind of declaration of independence from the civic religion of their past, not recognizing the irony that they have simply exchanged a civic religion of the right for a civic religion of the left.

This prompted Jeff Walton of the Institute on Religion and Democracy to get Matt on the video horn. You can watch this brief interview below:

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