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Oh man, so late today. My children have to all go off fora youth thing and everything is in chaos. I can’t come up with five things. I have this one thing that I was reading early this morning before everyone started looking for shoes and snow coats–what is that line about Satan running around the block several times while people are still asleep in their beds? From the Federalist:

In the report “The Myth of ‘Reliable Research’ in Pediatric Gender Medicine” published earlier this month, researchers describe how the 2011 and 2014 studies that formed the foundation of the transgender industry in the U.S. should never have been accepted by the professional community, falling “unacceptably” short of modern research standards. The studies led to a global movement of wrongly named “gender-affirming care,” resulting in hormone experimentation on youth and, in some cases, irreversible mutilation. The Dutch studies had several major flaws, according to the report. Study authors only recorded the cases with the best outcomes, concluded without evidence that gender dysphoria disappeared solely as a result of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and failed to properly examine the risks of the interventions, with disastrous effects. The American College of Pediatricians responded to the report in a press release on Jan. 25 calling on organizations to “reconsider current protocols for gender dysphoric children.” “The entire pediatric transgender industry is based on these two Dutch studies,” Michelle Cretella, immediate past executive director of ACPeds and advisory board spokeswoman for Advocates Protecting Children, told me. “This open access report is critical because it exposes the fraudulent foundation of pediatric transgender medicine in the United States.”

Seriously, read the whole thing. I happened to have come across this other thing last night which seemed, as it were, of a similar level of insanity:

So anyway, I’ve been reading the book of Daniel, as well as this really great book about the book of Daniel. It is a very easy read, which I needed, actually, because I’m piled up with the vicissitudes of life. But really, I recommend it so much–both the actual book of the Bible and the one about it. What I’ve found strangely comforting is how unhinged Nebuchadnezzar is. For truly, if you are looking for a type of world leader who has no check on himself, no idea of how things might really be, who is governed essentially by hubris, pride, and rage, you need look no further than the Bible. And how terrifying, really, for someone to organize a whole society by his own inclinations, ones that are deeply and sickeningly idolatrous.

But we live in a world not of one Nebuchadnezzar, but of every single person being a despot. Every person is not only invited, but admonished to live according to the inclinations and rages of the moment. What might one do, in that sort of–I believe the term is–“negative world?”

Well, first, one might rejoice when people finally admit they were doing the wrong thing, when scientific “studies” are shown to be ideologically driven. Second, one might continue to tell the truth about the world God has made. Some people in the Bible tried it, and when they went through the fire, they discovered that God was sovereign over the fire, and when the went to the lions, they discovered that God was the governor of the lions, and when they had to tell the king that he was mad, they survived that also.

Alright, I gotta run. Have a nice day!

Photo by Ben Burkhardt on Unsplash

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